Orion Bau Fabrik

ORION ‘s history

What started out in 1948 as a simple sales agent has grown into a modern, Austrian family owned-business producing world renowned high quality lighting in all styles
Firmengeschichte Rudolf Molecz

Rudolf Molecz


Founding of retail business „Rudolf Molecz – Sales Agent Electronic Devices and Materials” in Vienna Simmering. Originally intended as an electronic parts retailer, the employees soon start manufacturing hand-crafted lighting. The products quickly are in high demand and Rudolf Molecz extends production to small machinery.

Monteur Gudrunstrasse


The company moves to Vienna Favoriten. For presenting the growing product range, additional surfaces are acquired to build show rooms. Son Leopold officially joins the company which is re-named to “Rudolf Molecz & Sohn OHG”.

Orion factory


The Molecz family acquires the business license for industrial lighting production and builds a factory in Vienna-Oberlaa. The range of lighting models is extended and in-house developments are patented.

OrionOrion Showroom


Leopold Molecz establishes a showroom „Lighting Center “in Vienna Neubau – the largest, most distinguished lighting retailer at that time in Europe with 2.000 m² sales floor.

Orion Electroplating


The lighting factory is expanded by an electroplating department. Surfaces now receive a uniquely developed finishing that lets them retain their shine over a long period of time. Trade relations abroad are established and prosperous export begins. First trade fair visits lead to Budapest and Moscow – many more follow.

Orion Logo


In honor of a particularly successful product series the family changes the company name to „ORION Lighting“, sub-dividing it into branches for production and retail.

Orion Paul Molecz

Paul Molecz

Orion Peter Molecz

Peter Molecz
Product development and Production


The third generation joins the company: first Leopold Molecz's sons Peter – followed by their brother Michael in 1982. Step by step ORION lighting showrooms are opened throughout Austria. (The company – in the true sense of the word – turns into a family business.)

Orion Distribution Center


ORION Lighting opens its main distribution center with the export department attached to it. Peter Molecz takes on the management of production, Michael of purchasing and Paul of export, which has already expanded worldwide.

Orion Hotel Sheraton


Export is driven by taking on special projects. In cooperation with architects ORION develops and manufactures special orders for large scale lighting projects as well as complete lighting equipment for palaces and hotel chains.

ORION Budapest trade fair


ORION extends its export countries to the new democracies in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS-countries.

ORION Praha (Prague)


Founding of branches in Budapest (Hungary) and 1997 in Prague (Czech Republic).

ORION awarded Austrian coat of arms


ORION is awarded the license to carry the Austrian coat of arms by the Ministry for Economics and Labor, for long-term outstanding achievements for the Austrian economy from all family members and the company’s entire workforce. ORION’s quality management system receives the international certificate ISO 9001:2000 confirmation.

 Orion Showroom Nord


Opening of new store in Gerasdorf near Vienna: ORION Licht Nord

Orion Slovakia


Opening of a new store in Bratislava.



Austria’s Labor Ministry honors ORIONs commitment to high quality vocational training with its National Award. Since 1950 hundreds of young people have successfully completed their apprenticeship at Orion, becoming highly skilled craftsmen and -women.

Firmengeschichte Bastian Molecz Firmengeschichte Florian Molecz


The fourth generation of the Molecz family – Florian and Bastian – join the company.

Orion Graz


Opening of a new Orion Showroom in Graz.

Orion Praha Ruzyne


Opening of a second Orion Showroom in Prag Ruzyne.

Orion Honors


Leopold Molecz receives the honorary title “Kommerzialrat” (Councilor of Commerce) for his outstanding achievements for Austria’s economy.

Orion at Shanghai Trade Fair


Austrian artisan craftsmanship is held in high esteem in Asia: Far Eastern countries gain increasing importance in Orion’s export structure.

Firmengeschichte Michael Molecz Firmengeschichte Paul Molecz Firmengeschichte Peter Molecz


The third generation takes on business leadership: Peter, Paul and Michael Molecz, all successful members in Orion’s management since 1987.