Orion Rauchglas
Orion Rauchglas
Orion Rauchglas


The 70’ies are back: „Design by ORION: RAUCHGLAS“ offers highest level retro-chic.

A different take on the crystal chandelier. State of the art in the 1970’s, smoked glass is lately having something of a revival in the “retro” category. „Design by ORION: RAUCHGLAS“ originally is from the 1970’s, but received a 21st century facelift.

The smoked glass discs in facet cut are tiered to a chandelier in the shape of an inverted pyramid, presenting themselves in retro-chic, whether as a ceiling or pendant light.

“RAUCHGLAS”’s frame is manufactured in solid brass; the metal parts finished in 24-carat gold- or chrome-plated. The round smoked-glass plates/discs are facet-cut.

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